Each website is lovingly coded by hand in New Zealand.

Origin+Code doesn't use templates, nor does it outsource to other countries. That is because our developers have the technical skills and the care to code your site right here in New Zealand. Our coders also take the initiative to make websites responsive so that they work on computers, tablets and smartphones.

We base our decisions carefully on real data.

The team at Origin+Code doesn't guess. We work tirelessly to find the reality about user behaviours and habits. We do this by using key metric tools such as google analytics, adword tools, kiss metrics and heatmaps.

Each website we make is meticulously planned and analysed.

Before we begin coding or even designing, we meticulously research the landscape of the industry and attempt to find key insights about your customers. Based on the key insights, we begin planning layouts and features. Once approved, the team gets on to creating detailed designs and emaculate code.

Origin+Code designs from scratch.

The team appreciates the significance of brand identity so each website is bespoke to best capture the essence of your company and nothing is off the shelf.

Origin+Code gives back.

Good website design and development is expensive and out of reach of many charitable organisations who would otherwise benefit from it. Therefore Origin+Code has started an initiative to create meaningful websites for two charities or youth organisations each year.

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Business Enquiries:
Mal / mal@origincode.co.nz / +64 21 21 37 231